>> Cass Sunstein: The Regulatory Czar from Hell >> Cass Sunstein: The Regulatory Czar from Hell:

“A rapidly increasing number of Americans from all walks of life are beginning to harbor deep-seated fears about Obama “Regulatory Czar” nominee Cass Sunstein. They fear he would use his radical position on animal rights to devastate the agricultural industry – and the elderly community as well.
Those fears are both widespread — and justified.

For instance, in a paper entitled “The Rights of Animals: A Very Short Primer,” Sunstein observes that, “that there should be extensive regulation of the use of animals in entertainment, in scientific experiments, and in agriculture.” The paper also asserts that “there is a strong argument, in principle, for bans on many current uses of animals.”

In the same paper, Sunstein suggests that the government should endorse the actions of persons attempting to act on behalf of animals, “to bring private suits to ensure that anti-cruelty and related laws are actually enforced. If a farm is treating horses cruelly … a suit could be brought, on behalf of those animals ….””

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