Congress…Including 5 Republicans…Throws Granny Out With the Milk Cows >> Cass Sunstein: The Regulatory Czar from Hell:

“For his part, Sunstein couches his “death-care rationing” in such cold economical terms that one can almost hear the chi-chinging of the cash register in the background. To Sunstein, you see, offing the elderly is all a matter of Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Sunstein has proposed that, wherever the effectiveness of a policy is examined using a Cost/Benefit Analysis, government agencies should adopt a standard that takes into account a person’s age. This standard, the “value of a statistical life year” (VSLY) he readily admits “would likely result in significantly lower benefits calculations for elderly people, and significantly higher benefits calculations for children.”

He defends this much as Ezekiel Emanuel defends his complete lives rationing system for health care by saying that every old person was young once and every young person will hopefully be old someday. This observation is supposed to somehow erase the ethical complaint of age discrimination – and ease the minds of senior citizens about to be ushered into the Obama Administration’s Soylent Green send-off rooms.

For Sunstein, “A program that saves younger people is better … than an otherwise identical program that saves older people.” By saving 25 younger people you might save 500 as opposed to only 50 VSLY by saving 25 elderly persons, he posits. So he suggests that, “in producing regulatory impact analyses, agencies should … [use] life-years as well as lives … in deciding what to do.”

And that, in short, means that if the U.S. Senate confirms Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar next week (as Harry Reid now intends), you can kiss granny goodbye.”

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