$300 Million of Wasteful Spending in FY 2009-10 Budget | John W. Pope Civitas Institute:

“A review of budget spending that was not cut during this year’s “budget crisis” should call into question the priorities of Raleigh politicians.
Included in the recently-approved spending package is:

$1.1 million for the executive aircraft division
$10 million to subsidize in-state tuition for out-of-state scholarship athletes
$2.9 million for the North Carolina symphony
$11.1 million for “tourism, film and sport development”
$9.4 million for marine fisheries research
$4.7 million for a “special zoo fund,” a “grassroots initiative” sponsored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the “adopt-a-trail” program
$8.6 million for the NC Arts Council
$1.1 million for the botanical garden at UNC-Chapel Hill
$252,000 for the “cemetery commission”
$563,000 for the Ergonomics Center at N.C. State

Asks Civitas Institute policy analyst Brian Balfour,

Is it really necessary to destroy private sector jobs via tax hikes in order to finance more than $40 million on museums, art councils and symphonies? In this ‘deepest recession since the great depression,’ is it appropriate for the state to spend $14 million on state-run television and more than a million dollars for state government planes?”

“A little investigation makes it readily apparent that Raleigh lawmakers are more concerned about a budget that protects frivolous ‘wants’ and new, unproven programs than protecting the jobs of its citizens,” concludes Balfour.”

Stringing and Strowing says:

This is short list of pork incurred by our elected idiots. While they voted to waste our hard earned tax money, they raised our taxes, raised by approx. 33% the deductables and out of pocket expenses for NC State Employees/Teachers Health Insurance, and ignored job security for her citizens. Proceed through link to read entire article and link to full list of pork. We need to clean house in North Carolina. Get rid of the spendthrift professional politicians who care more about themselves and their cronies than North Carolina and her citizens.

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