Repubx | Open letter to Jr. Highschool about Obama’s Speech

Repubx | Open letter to Jr. Highschool about Obama's Speech:

Stringing and Strowing has pulled a portion of a parent’s letter to school officials concerning the Swine flu vaccine and their child.

“Under the law of the constitution of the United States of America, Particularily Amendment four ( 4 ) as a U.S. citizen she enjoys the right “ to be secure in their person “ and shall not be violated.

My child Ciera Anthony will NOT comply. No attempt is to be made to forcefully vaccinate my child with the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. as her parent, I am to be notified of any time / date of this event beforehand, and I will remove her from the school.

This vaccine contains 25 micro-milligrams of MERCURY in the form of THIMEROSOL. ONE micro-milligram is considered toxic to the human body. This vaccine also contains the GULF WAR TOXIN SQUALENE, used as a “binder” of ingredients and leads to the neurological disorder Guillian Barre disease which affects the nervous system, mimics POLIO, and is a leading cause worldwide of non-trauma PARALYSIS. My child will not comply.”

Entire letter through link. It also discusses his child’s participation in the Obama school speech scheduled for September 8.

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