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Repubx | Beginning of Engineered Pandemic? 2,000 Infected with H1N1 at Washington University

“Last month the press in England reported that the British government’s Health Protection Agency said in a letter to neurologists that they needed to look out for increases in Guillain-Barré syndrome in people subjected to the so-called immunization program. “The vaccines used to combat an expected swine influenza pandemic in 1976 were shown to be associated with GBS and were withdrawn from use,” Prof. Elizabeth Miller, head of the HPA’s immunization department, wrote in the letter sent last month to neurologists. The corporate media in the United States virtually ignored the story.

The experimental vaccine the government will insist we take — and depending on the severity of the coming pandemic may force us at gunpoint to take — is a documented cocktail of toxins designed to attack the human immunological system. It contains mercury and squalene, the latter used to stimulate the immune system to respond to the vaccine. Squalene is linked to autoimmune illnesses including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. The oil-based adjuvant is largely responsible for Gulf War syndrome, a deadly and debilitating disease that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of U.S. service personnel since the conclusion of Bush Senior’s war against Iraq.” Entire article through link.:

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