Update to Previous Story “Crooks Supporting Crooks”

Update Sept.3: Crooks supporting Crooks

Via Redstate.com “Charlie Rangel (D, NY) gave money to Democrats on Ethics Committee. Three of them. Need I add that Charlie Rangel is currently under investigation by that committee?

Charlie’s “angels” on the committee include Congressmen Ben Chandler of Kentucky, G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina and Peter Welch of Vermont. All have received donations from Rangel.

Two of them – Chandler (KY-06, R+9*) & Butterfield (NC-01, D+9) – are apparently keeping it, too. Considering that Rep. Rangel has given money to 119 Congressmen since the ethics probe began last year, you could almost not blame them”

Stringing and Strowing says:

No wonder he acts so above the law. Cronyism at work!

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