The Emperor’s Clothes

Stringing and Strowing says: Remember the usurper’s date night with wifey in York City? You know the one. The state media reported the date as costing the tax payer a measley $24,000. With a wink, they reported how sweet, how deserving, it’s not his fault he is president…you know, the secret service makes him have all this security. And what a “vision” of loveliness was the tender wife, so “Jackie” like in her fashion sense, such a wifely half of the perfect romance of the perfect first couple. The handholding, the love…ahhh.

Here is what they didn’t report. Oh, they knew, they just chose not to report it because a) they are state run b) it doesn’t reflect positively on the president and c) they are hypocritical marxists pigs feeding at the Obama trough.

Quoting from Atlas Shrugs:

“The day before “dinner” I flew the USSS (Secret Service) and the motorcade to JFK Airport Our crew of 5 spent two days and nights at the Hilton in Times Square. My hotel bill: $621.66 plus $64 a day in per diem. The USSS guys were at a different Hilton in NYC, so figure that cost another $14,000 (or so) plus per diem. The Marines had to have cost as much and were there four days, so figure another $55,000 plus per diem (for 44 Marines).

We were supposed to fly the motorcade back and go home, but the Air Force was so short of C-17’s that we were re-tasked to take the motorcade back, return to JFK and take the helicopter back to Quantico . When we got back to JFK, while the pilot was turning the plane around to park, he noticed a rotor blade sticking out of the hangar where the helicopter was parked and informed me that either it wasn’t ready to transport or it was flying home. After shutting down I walked over to the hangar and to my surprise I find FIVE helicopters, not ONE.

We’re obviously not transporting five big helicopters. I went and talked to the Marines guarding the “fleet” and found that they were flying all five helicopters home and we were only transporting the Marines and the maintenance equipment. After talking to the Marine in charge, I was told that the White House requested FIVE helicopters. The Marines told me that they spent all morning trying to figure out how much it cost them to come and said they figured it cost them $140,000 to stay there (I don’t know where they came up with that). Overall, the trip’s total had to be about $1,000,000.

We heard that the President didn’t use Air Force One (the 747) so I asked if he came in on one of the 757’s. I was told that he came in on THREE Air Force Lear jets. So, date night consisted of:

Two C-17’s flying three missions, 3 Lear jets, 5 Helicopters, Presidential Motorcade, 44 Marines, more than 20 USSS personnel on our plane. Who knows what it cost the NYPD and NY Port Authority (at the airport) in overtime.”

Whew! That was quite a date huh! It’s just soooo romantic to see $1,000,000 generated by the blood, sweat, and tears of hard working albiet enslaved Americans go down the tube as if it were yesterday’s garbage. Just gone. POOF! Weeeeell, its only money. The Fed can make some more.

Bless his little marxist heart…and hers too.P.S. I, for one, am still mad at those mean ole auto executive men for flying into Washington in their airplanes. You know, the nerve!

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