Shhhhh! The Whitehouse is Listening!

Is the White House already tracking comments made on Twitter? – She Who Will Be Obeyed II – The Second Coming:
“Glen Reynolds had a short post that the White House is looking to harvest personal data from Social Networking Websites like Twitter and Facebook. He doesn’t think that’s as scary as it sounds.
I do.

In fact, I wonder if someone at the White House has already been fiddling around with trying to insert SSL Certificates on unsuspecting users’ computers.

Last week, I made a somewhat disparaging remark about the Obama White House (not at all an unusual thing for me to do). I shut down Twitter, then about an hour later, reopened it and saw this warning:”

You gotta link to this article as well as another in depth report here On Facebook, MySpace? Obama's got your e-mail. Your privacy is at risk.

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