Our Religion Competes With Obama’s Religion(s) of Big Government and Prosthelytizing Himself

Investigating Obama:

“David Barton, of WallBuilders, describes how the Oministry is breaking down our religious freedoms before our eyes, in a well-documented, 13-page white paper entitled The White House Attack on Religion Continues: Repealing Conscience Protection.

Barton explains steps that have already been taken by the current administration, including eliminating the faith-based section of the White House website, changing the policy regarding hiring practices by faith-based organizations, including restrictions on stimulus funds to higher education institutions that allow religious activities on their campuses, reducing tax breaks for charitable giving, and a recent announcement that it plans to repeal “conscience protection” for health care workers who refuse to participate in abortions.”More of this excellent article through link.

Stringing and Strowing says: They must have missed this sign!

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