A Look at 2008 News: We Knew and Did It Anyway – Dan Caplis Reports: The Obama Tapes Document Deep Seated Racism AND AMERICA ELECTED HIM ANYWAY

Dan Caplis Reports: The Obama Tapes – KHOW – Denver's Talk Station:

“I can’t believe the American people would knowingly elect a President who condemned the American people as “manic and self-absorbed”, and who publicly disparaged and embarrassed the eight “Irish” and “Polish” Catholic priests who helped Obama when he was a community organizer in Chicago.

Barack Obama has done and said all of these disturbing things, and much more. Each is fully documented in this report, including the text, page references, and sound. The sound is taken from Obama’s taped version of “Dreams From My Father”. Where Obama chose to leave a part of the book off the recorded version I have substituted an accurate reading of his words.

It is my hope that this report will be valuable to voters in a lot of different ways. I think it will help people see that Barack Obama’s choice of Jeremiah Wright as a minister, advisor and virtual “member of the family” was not a fluke. Obama’s own words confirm that he believes that a constant attack on whites is justified if it will produce results. Obama’s own words make it clear that he has held other racial views that most people of all races will find archaic, offensive and divisive.

I think this report will help people see that Barack Obama stereotypes the American people based on race, and that those stereotypes are grossly negative. I think it will help people see that his racial prejudice and anger are unfortunately a fundamental part of him, which, in his words are “…aspects of myself which resist conscious choice.” I think this report will also help people see the irony in Barack Obama’s claim that his opponents are playing the “race card”, when his own words show that he is the one with negative racial views.”

Stringing and Strowing says:

Read the report. Be aware that AMERICA WAS AWARE and people elected Obama anyway. Citizens closed their eyes, covered their ears, and like zombies cast a vote for “change.” Well, change we got and not a bit less than we deserved. As Americans we must face the FACT. WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES. What next? We must UNDO what we can…and never play loose and fast with our liberty and freedom again.

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