The Truth Will Set US Free: Wake Up America

Mega Glomerate Main-Stream Media:

“Muslim radicals want us dead because we are NOT MUSLIMS and never will be Muslims. Pure and simple, the best infidel is a dead infidel in their twisted mindset! It has NOTHING to do with our foreign policy, our use so called ‘torture’, or the fact that we have 240 of the worst murdering terrorist scum on the planet locked away in a place where they can never be a threat to anyone again.”

Liberal liars will consistently use those lies as leverage to change the balance of power in their favor instead of confronting the real truth in their regards. It’s the godless, the hedonists, the pleasure seekers, homosexuals, and the other assorted freaks and weirdos that are a vocal contingency in the Demoncratic party that will the first to be beheaded, stoned, shot, hung, and BRUTALLY tortured by the same radical Muslims that the Demoncrat loons want so much to protect!

So the next time you overhear some liberal lout spouting the usaul line above, just remind them of who the jidhadists want, out of all us infidels, to kill first!

The guy who wrote this calls himself “Head Ed.” I have fallen in love with his BRAIN, his style, his truth, and common sense point of view. Holy Cow, click the link and enjoy his commentary.

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