Morning Bell: Outsourcing Your Tax Dollars

Morning Bell: Outsourcing Your Tax Dollars:
“As we have asked before, “So how is that ‘developing country participation’ going?” Well, just this week ministers from 10 African countries renewed their intent to demand billions of dollars in aid before they sign any climate agreement and both China and India have also made it crystal clear that they require billions in aid to help finance carbon-reducing projects before they agree to reduce their emissions.

So where are all these billions of dollars going to come from? You, of course. A recently leaked document from the G20 Climate Finance Experts Group refers to “carbon market finance,” as a major source of the “hundreds of billions of dollars per year” delivered to the rest of the world by the U.S. and the other wealthier nations. So what is “carbon market finance?” It’s what Waxman-Markey proponents call cap and trade even though, in reality, all it is a huge new energy tax.”

But the story gets even better.” Link available for entire article.

Stringing and Strowing says:

Don’t forget this piece of garbage is still coming down the communist pipeline. We ALL have a dog in this fight…just like the socialized health care debacle.

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