Government Gone MAD: Physicians Fight for Constitutional Freedom of Speech!

Physicians sue Obama for health-care 'snitch' program:
“The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is suing the Obama administration, claiming the White House wrongfully collected information and violated First Amendment Rights when it implemented a citizen “snitch” program to collect information on those who make “fishy” statements about the president’s health “reform.” The complaint was filed Aug. 26 in U.S. District Court. The Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education, is also a named plaintiff alongside AAPS in the complaint.

NATURE OF THE ACTION (from actual complaint at

1. AAPS and CURE bring this action to enforce the First Amendment right to free speech and the Privacy Act’s right to privacy against efforts by defendants Executive Office of the President (“EOP”), White House Office of Health Care Reform (“WHOHR”), Nancy-AnnDeParle in her official capacity as WHOHR’s Director, Macon Phillips in his official capacity as White House Director of New Media, and others acting in concert (collectively, hereinafter“Defendants”) unlawfully to collect information on political and other noncommercial speech byand on behalf of AAPS, CURE, and their members, officers, and employees and thereby to suppress speech protected by the First Amendment.

2. As set forth more fully in Paragraph 67, AAPS and CURE seek the following
injunctive and declaratory relief:

(a) Declare that the First Amendment and the Privacy Act prohibit and
preempt the Defendants’ efforts to collect and maintain information on protected speech;

(b) Enjoin the Defendants’ continued collection of such information via the email address and the linked “reality check” internet reporting
form (collectively, hereinafter “”);

(c) Order the Defendants to expunge all prohibited information obtained via from their records; and

(d) Order the Defendants to remove the solicitation for citizens to report on
others’ “fishy” speech from and enjoin their soliciting or collecting
information (including email addresses) on third parties’ political speech.

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