Libertarian Republican

Libertarian Republican:

“In 1994, 6 southern Democrat Congressmen switched to Republican. Billy Tauzin of Louisiana was the first. After Tauzin switched 5 others followed in fast order.”

Enter 2009. Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama is strongly hinting that a Party Switch may be imminent.

Glen Thrush of Politico via the Huntsville Times, is reporting that Griffith told a Town Hall audience last night that he would not vote to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house.

Practically speaking, such a pledge could mean one of two things: Either he would abstain, or Caucus with the Republicans and vote for a Republican, presumably Rep. John Boehner, for Speaker of the House.

Griffith is one of a handful of Blue Dog Democrats heavily rumored to be considering switching parties. Others include: Reps. Walt Minnick of Idaho, Gene Taylor of Mississippi (photo – right), Mike Ross of Arkansas, Don Boren of Oklahoma (photo – left) and Allen Boyd of Florida.

Stringing and Strowing says:

Christmas in September? Pray. Pray hard that it is in the Lord’s will that these men will turn away from the evil of Obama.

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