Green Shoots Mirage…Don’t Fall for it!!!

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Buying into the Rally, Hook, Line, and Sinker:

Quote of the Day:

“Belief that the worst is behind is now nearly universal. Mickey Mouse, aka Ben Bernanke, even has himself fooled. He was reappointed today as grand wizard (see Bernanke’s Self-Promotional Reappointment Campaign A Stunning Success) and in general people are feeling pretty good about it.”

Runner Up Quote:

Throwing money at problems, just as Japan did, is not grounds for a strong recovery.

Honorable Mention:

Whatever those earnings expectations are, disappointments are likely. Either earnings will miss targets, or the stock market will sink anyway because the earnings and then some have long been priced in. However, that is tomorrow’s business. Today’s business is about buying into the rally hook line and sinker, just as the charlatan wizards have hoped.

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