Repubx | Years of planning and strategic consolidation and monopolization: Bilderbergers Obama Link Now Known

Repubx | Years of planning and strategic consolidation and monopolization:

“Obama, Soros and the Bilderbergers (thanks to Jamie83 at who researched the information below)

The main stream media is never going to tell you what you’re about to read here. Please read this with an open mind and visit the link I’ve provided at the bottom of this post.

James A. Johnson is the person selected by Obama to head his Vice-Presidential Search Committee. The main stream media hasn’t told you much about Johnson other than the fact that he lead John Kerry’s VP search committee.

But why?

Because James A. Johnson is a Vice-Chairman of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund and merchant bank, and a business partner of George Soros. Johnson also was the chairman of investment house Lehman Brothers. Johnson is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

So if a powerful man like Johnson is Vice-Chairman of this investment fund, then who is the Chairman?

Try Frank Pearl, who not surprisingly is also a member of the CFR. Even more astounding, Frank Pearl’s biography on his own web site identifies him as an active member of the Americans for Bilderberg group. There is now a proven, direct link between Obama and the Bilderbergers.”

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