SUMMARY OF OUR SICK ECONOMY: Still Sick and No ObamaCare Forthcoming

Home – The Daily Bail – The Bailout News Central Depository. News, Interviews,Videos, Comedy, Songs, Opinion & Analysis: “Quotes on economy by Dr. Nassim Taleb via CNBC Squawk Box this morning;

Debt must be converted to equity.

Bernanke is an extremely poor bus driver.

The markets are clueless. They mean nothing in the short term.

We’re not pessimists, we just see risks and try to warn about them.

All the risks are still there. Our leadership was blind. We’re worse off than before.

The problems still have not been recognized.

The problem with the Obama administration is they are rewarding all the bad actors.

The problem is Bernanke belongs to a school of economics (Keynes) that’s never been in sync with anything, especially complex financial instruments.

Bernanke’s mistakes are worse than those of Greenspan.

Bernanke presided over this build-up of risk in the system, and didn’t understand, acknowledge or even recognize it.

The Obama administration won’t stop rewarding failure.

Cash for clunkers rewards failure.

Instead of being penalized, the bankers have more power now than before.

No one is working on a cure.”

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