If anyone paid any attention to the White House camera hound during his last townhall/propaganda sales meeting with his sales team, one of his selling points necessitates a much needed clarification. Obama tried to compare his health care scheme to the US Post Office.

He left out a FEW important HUGE differences that negate the logic of his argument…not that logic or argument makes any difference to this administration.Specifically, UPS and FedEx are not allowed to compete against U.S.P.S. in the delivery of regular mail under U.S. law.

To quote genius messiah:

As long as they have a good product and the government plan has to sustain itself through premiums and other non-tax revenue, private insurers should be able to compete with the government plan, Obama said.

“They do it all the time,” he said. “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. … It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”

Ace of Spades http://minx.cc/?post=290788 offers this fantastic argument.

Um, that’s part of the problem.

Even taking his quote for the claim it’s meant to stand for: UPS and FedEx would be doing better. The trouble is, they’re not permitted, by law, to compete with the Post Office regarding regular (that is, non-overnight) mail.

They are specifically excluded from that market.

They are “doing fine” in the market segment they’re permitted to compete in.

However, if the law were changed and they were permitted to compete for regular mail delivery, they might not be “doing fine” in that market if the government competed unfairly in that arena, such as imposing general taxes on everyone to reduce the cost of postage, etc.

The government, on the other hand, continues to exist in this business at all only because the government grants itself a monopoly in the delivery of regular mail.

That’s the only reason we still have a Post Office. Government fiat.

What a boneheaded remark. Yes, let’s remind everyone of the shocking difference in
experience between the Post Office and FedEx or UPS.

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