Atlas Shrugs Reports Rabid Anti-Semitism in the Obama Mob

Atlas Shrugs: “

How deep is Obama’s Jew hatred? Deep enough to award the medal of freedom to a rabid anti-semite:

‘…the White House has announced that Mary Robinson will be one of sixteen recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States…she was one of the people most responsible for the great debacle at Durban, 2001, when a conference convened to fight racism became a UN-sponsored hate-fest against Jews… Barack Obama … has chosen … someone who appeased the haters at Durban and in the UN again and again, until it was too late.’

— Gil Troy, Center Field blog, Jerusalem Post

How deep is Obama’s contempt for the Jewish people? Deep enough to make a disgusting statement like this:

Responding to a growing cry against a Medal of Freedom for congenital Jew-hater and heavy drinker, Mary Robinson, the White House defended the decision saying ‘we are honoring her contributions to feminism, not her contributions to anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.’ You think I’m kidding? Take it away, ABC News ( (hat tip Dan Friedman)”

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