Government Gone Wild

Government Gone Wild:

“We stop Government Gone Wild by going back to the basics, as Sproul concludes with a challenge for the people – beginning in the churches – to appeal and repent to the sovereign Governor of the universe, returning to His ways. We must reject government largess in every form, including Cash for Clunkers or taxpayer-subsidized anything. Able-bodied citizens must avoid or walk away from dependency on a faceless bureaucracy that fosters slavery.

The benefits of a free market that produces prosperity are grounded in a faith in God, collective adherence to principles of equity and justice and willingness to labor for what we need and not demand it of our neighbor.

We must also be willing to let people suffer the consequences of slothfulness and sin for their own sake, as it is God’s way of ‘course correction’ for our lives when we wander away from Him. We must return benevolent giving of money, time and goods to assist the truly needy to a personal level. Only then is it compassion.

Finally, God promises in the same chapter of Isaiah that even in the midst of His judgment on the rebellious nation, those who follow Him will be rewarded:

Say to the righteous that it will go well with them,
for they will eat the fruit of their actions. (verse 10)”

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