Lame Cherry: What I can tell you about Kenyan Obama AND Stringing&Strowing suggests BamBam’s WATERLOO!!!

Lame Cherry: What I can tell you about Kenyan Obama: “What I can tell you about Kenyan Obama

There are a few things which have captured my eye concerning the Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate which no one has divulged which will be exclusive here and point to why I deem this an authentic document and in conclusion I believe I know where this document originated from as I touched on it in my work here recently.

The first tell are the folds of this document. In having examined documents of this period and more recent documents, they in group are all folded into these little office yello sized envelopes, usually with a window inside to reveal contents.

For this to be a forgery, the forger would have to know exactly this process in which birth certificates are in copy handed out to the public. It might sound like a simple thing, but those folds are the one thing which someone would overlook.”

Full story through link.

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