Free Healthcare for Illegals, Grandma and Grandpa Thrown Under the Bus: Dems Strike Again: WE KNEW THEY HATED AMERICA…NOW WE KNOW THEY HATE US

Healthcare Mess Deepens – HUMAN EVENTS: "Healthcare Mess Deepens
by Connie Hair


The markup resumed yesterday on the healthcare bill, H.R. 3200, in the House Energy & Commerce Committee. The Blue Lapdogs have caved in and the government takeover of healthcare is expected to pass out of the third and final House committee of jurisdiction later today."

Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.), a senior member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, was asked about the proof of citizenship amendment that had just been smacked down by Democrats.

“They clearly just voted that illegal immigrants should get free healthcare under this bill — period,” Shadegg said. “It’s obvious that the Blue Dogs are, in fact, lapdogs. They have given in, they have caved, as was predicted they would do. … Having caved they’re now going to accept every amendment that the Democrats want and reject every amendment that the Republicans want. And the bill gets worse and worse by the moment.”

I asked how the bill in markup was shaping up to protect healthcare for the elderly.

“The scary thing is exactly how far they will go under this bill,” Shadegg said. “If you listen to their rhetoric it means that the elderly are going to get sick, get into those late stages of life and they’re going to be told that in America you really kind of owe it to the country to go off and get hospice counseling and go away.”

Shadegg also said “They’re [The American people] going to lose virtually every healthcare freedom they have. They’re going to lose the freedom to pick their own doctor. They’re going to lose the freedom to pick a high-deductible catastrophic care policy. They’re going to lose the right to pick their own healthcare plan. They’re going to get stuck in a system that is Washington, D.C., command and control — bureaucrats in Washington dictating what services they get and what services they can’t get. I think that will be a disaster and I hope the American people say that’s not what they want.”

The markup continues today.

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