Congressional Republicans “Stepping It Up” Tonight With Protests Speeches

By Sandra Robles

As most have already heard, Democrats in Congress have attempted to censor the Republican Congressional mailings as well as Republican Congressional Speech. Censored from Congressional mailings include a government healthcare chart illustrating the proposed nationalized health care and censored from speech are the words “Democrat” as in “Democrat Health Care Plan” and the words “government run health care.” Allowed words are “majority” as in “majority party” and “public option health plan.”

Tonight…hopefully showing on C-span, the Republicans are going to defend their First Amendment right to free speech during one-hour Special Orders speeches.

Last week, Republicans were shut out of these speeches by the abrupt adjournment of the House floor BEFORE the weekly speech making event had an opportunity to occur.

This week, if the Democrats attempt to adjourn before the Special Order speeches, House Republicans will take their speeches to the FRONT STEPS of the Capital in PROTEST.

Check out C-Span tonight.

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