One Reason Our Country is BROKE

What do our tax dollars pay for? – HUMAN EVENTS:

“$2,932,620,000 for the United Nations

The U.S. stands as the most generous nation contributing to the UN. The UN regular budget for 2008-2009 is $4,171,000,000, of which the US pays 22%, or $917,620,000. The key is the regular budget does not include “peacekeeping operations.” The UN is currently embroiled in 15 peacekeeping operations, costing $7,750,000,000. The U.S. contributes 26% of the peacekeeping budget, or $2,015,000,000.

No sum is too large to support the UN’s phenomenal progress in places like Darfur and Palestine.”

In this Series “One Reason Our Country is Broke,” please share other budget items that you think that are stupid, ridiculous, and unnecessary. I will publish them.

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