One Reason Our Country is BROKE

What do our tax dollars pay for? – HUMAN EVENTS:

“$138,533,000 for Democratic Interior Senate pork

Government money drawn for the districts of Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.), Robert Byrd (D.-W.Va.), Arlen Spector (D.-Pa.), Daniel Inouye (D.-Hawaii) and Harry Reid (D.-Nev.). Sen. Feinstein’s district is slated $73,700,000 for 35 projects. $460,000 will go to an essential “artist’s cabin,” as part of the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area’s Artists-in-Residence Program, which promotes creativity among sculptors, painters, etc.”

As found in the Stimulus plan that no one bothered to read. What can I say but…oink…oink…oink.

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