A Shameless Liar…All America should call for IMPEACHMENT!!

Gateway Pundit:

“Obama Implosion Alert: Dear Leader Blames GOP For His Record Spending– Even Tho NO GOP Reps Voted For His Record Spending. This man is shameless.

Dear Leader blames GOP for his record deficit even though NOT ONE GOP REP even voted for his historic spending bills.”


Not only did Republicans not create Obama’s record deficit…
None of them even voted for it.
Not one GOP Rep voted for his historic trilion dollar Stimulus Package.
Not one GOP Rep voted for his record budget.
Not one.

President Obama is a liar. And, he’s shameless.

President Disaster will quadruple the US budget deficit his first year in office. He will reportedly spend $23.7 trillion to “fix” the economy… or bankrupt it by next year.

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