What do our tax dollars pay for? – HUMAN EVENTS

What do our tax dollars pay for? – HUMAN EVENTS: “When first planned — in the late 1980s — the Air Force sought to buy more than 700 F-22s. This shrank to 381 aircraft in 2002 as the threats posed by the Soviet Union shrank and with them, the number of aircraft required to meet other threats.

At 381, the Air Force estimated that the size of its fighter force would be a “moderate risk,” i.e., probably able to deal with the then-current and foreseeable threats to American security.

Now, if the Levin-McCain amendment stands, the Air Force will only get 187.”

From WikiAnswers.com:

Ever wonder how many planes the United States built during WWII. Answer: The US built OVER 100,000 aircraft during the war. More than the AXIS powers combined.

From the Madison Press,

The United States lost over 700 air planes during WWII. In 2004, the U.S. Department of Defense stated more than 500 U.S. aircraft and 1,200 crew members were still missing in the China-Burma-India Theater from World War II.

Does anybody else find it odd that we are still missing twice as many planes from WWII (A WAR WE WON) than we currently have available in F-22’s. This does not bode well for our…future…security…success in a war of agression…survival.

What an interesting way for Obama and the Democrats to destroy our country. Painfully.

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