Imminent Erosion of USDollar Seawall

Imminent Erosion of USDollar Seawall: "USDOLLAR VULNERABLE
The USDollar is at grave risk of washing out to sea with the historically unprecedented flood of liquidity, urged on by monetization, concealed by hidden collusion. The troubled USGovt ship at sea is due to endure added risk from losing its anchor in the USDollar. High waves from rampant insolvency, and high winds from global revolt render it extraordinarily vulnerable. The great reversal outlined in previous articles all spring and early summer has not gone away. It has gathered strength, built energy, and prepares to resume its downward descent into a very dark place. A collapse is at risk, but not until the 72 support level is knocked out and broken. The cyclical indexes all look horrible. The attempt at recovery in the US$ DX since May has been weak, without gusto, lacking follow through, not up to the hype, and evidence of imminent powerful decline…the loud bear signal will have been given, for ALL OVERBOARD in the abandonment of the broken bloated mismanaged USDollar. It drags down the global economy and puts at risk any nation tightly linked to it. When the breakdown resumes, gold & silver will rise. When the breakdown takes the US$ below the important 72 level, then gold & silver will be unleashed to rise to levels not imagined in years."

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